Newly appointed Chancellor Zahawi denies threatening to resign if not given top ...

It has been a difficult last 24 hours for Boris Johnson, what with both his chancellor and health secretary resigning, unleashing a torrent of further governmental resignations.

The scandal concerning Chris Pincher is looking like the straw that could break the PM's back, or at least leave him in need of a chiropractor, as MPs have said they have had enough of his blundering and are standing down.

Apparently undeterred, Johnson has duly replaced his resigning staffers with loyalists but even his own MPs can't be bothered with the pantomime of it all.

So when the PM announced the appointment of Michelle Donelan as the new education minister, MP Lucy Allan just responded "seriously?".

It isn't looking like an endorsement, we'll put it that way.

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Why Allan isn't Donelan's biggest fan is something we can only speculate about but given Donelan once suggested free speech laws will protect Holocaust denial then backtracked and just made a big mess, she doesn't scream "person we want in charge of education" to us.

As for what Allan thinks about the new chancellor, she seemed a bit more positive writing:

Johnson continues to cling onto power like a sweaty child hanging onto school playground monkey bars. For now, at least.

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