Mick Lynch had the best 'Alan Partridge' put-down for Richard Madeley

Mick Lynch had the best 'Alan Partridge' put-down for Richard Madeley
'Stop talking': Mick Lynch clashes with Richard Madeley over Christmas rail strikes

The beef between Mick Lynch and Richard Madeley has taken another development after the union boss said the presenter should be cast in an “Alan Partridge pantomime”.

It comes after the pair clashed in a heated Good Morning Britain interview, which Lynch, the general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), appeared on amid a series of planned rail strikes.

The interview saw Madeley repeatedly interrupt Lynch and criticise the strikes at length, at one point telling the exasperated interviewee to “jog on”.

Now, speaking during a panel with other union bosses hosted by the Mirror, Lynch hit out at Madeley once again.

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“If there's going to be an Alan Partridge character in a pantomime coming up, [Madeley’s] got the part.”

He also discussed media discourse surrounding the strikes, saying: “Many people, for whatever reason, don’t trust the mainstream media… they don’t trust what’s coming out of the BBC.”

The pair clashed during a heated interview this weekGMB

It follows the heated interview earlier this week, which saw Madeley question Lynch by saying: “Why couldn’t you have put all these strikes in January? Why do you have to target people at Christmas? You’ll be putting people out of business who run hotels, who run restaurants, who run bars, and retail.”

“Well, we’re not targeting Christmas,” Lynch replied. “It isn’t Christmas yet, Richard. I don’t know when your Christmas starts, but mine starts on Christmas Eve.”

Madeley then accused Lynch of being “disingenuous”, and “depriving people of their income”.

“You’re just ranting now,” Lynch responded. “You’re just talking to yourself, now, Richard. Why don’t you just interview yourself?”

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