Nadine Dorries embarrassingly retweeted then deleted comedian's mock Boris Johnson praise

Nadine Dorries embarrassingly retweeted then deleted comedian's mock Boris Johnson praise
Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries tells MPs she's 'amazed to learn' young people ...
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Nadine Dorries embarrassingly retweeted mock support for Boris Johnson and although she then deleted it, the internet remembers all.

Dorries is a staunch supporter of the Conservative leader and has remained loyal to Johnson despite the many accusations of lockdown rule-breaking and the “Partygate” scandal.

In her attempt to show support for the Prime Minister, the MP retweeted faux support in a tweet from comedian Joe Lycett.

The tweet read: “@BorisJohnson don’t rise to it babe, i’m with nadine we r on ur side no matter what xoxox.”

Lycett is a comedian known for his pranks and for trolling people.

This time, it appears his trickery fooled Dorries as the MP liked and retweeted his satirical pro-Johnson remarks that fans knew were fake.

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Once Dorries realised her mistake, it was too late and people had already caught on to the fact she was trying to backtrack.

One person who caught her out wrote: “@NadineDorries You deleted the retweet, but you need to get rid of the ‘like’ too otherwise it makes you look like a snake.”

Journalist Ava- Santina Evans commented: “Not Nadine Dorries retweeting @joelycett then deleting lol.”

Joe Lycett himself also revelled in the fact that he’d been retweeted and deleted, posting it on his Twitter and Instagram, writing: “Getting this framed.”

Someone added: “It says a lot when a minister in charge of ‘digital culture’ stuff has less Twitter nous than my ten-month-old whose main hobbies are shitting, eating and sleeping.”

Better luck next time.

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