‘I’ve had two’: Nadine Dorries defends Boris Johnson over fixed penalty notice

Nadine Dorries is at it again, spouting ridiculous nonsense about her favourite bloke, Boris Johnson.

The culture secretary was interviewed by BBC Newsnight last night as part of a piece about Johnson's premiership, as he shuffles slowly out of office, waiting for the results of the contest to replace him.

Though her interview was short, everything she said still turned out absolutely crackers - from claiming Johnson was the best PM in ages, to revealing times she has faced police action.

Let's take a look at the lowlight reel.

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1. "They can relate to someone who gets stuck on a zipwire or someone who has their shirt hanging out, because that's what they do everyday of their lives."

Really? We all remember when Johnson got stuck on a zipwire, but is this something that is an everyday occurence for the majority of people? We don't think so.

2. "I'm sure there are lots of prime ministers who've received fixed penalty notices for lots of things. Speeding? No? It's a fixed penalty notice I've certainly had two so, I'll hold my hands up to them. Sorry I didn't have fixed penalty notices for Partygate. They were for speeding."

Well Dorries allow us to correct you. Johnson was the first sitting PM to receive a fixed penalty notice after the police decided he broke lockdown rules for attending a Downing Street event during the pandemic.

As for admitting two fixed penalty notices for speeding, then acting like police sanctions are part and parcel of getting on with life? Very odd vibes indeed.

3. "He gets the big decisions absolutely right. Whether it was Ukraine, Covid, vaccines, cost of living support, financial support, got all the big calls right and I think we'll regret removing him as our prime minister - one of our most successful, in fact our most successful prime minister in a generation."

With the cost of living crisis biting, with soaring inflation and energy bills that are getting completely out of control, we can firmly say he didn't get the "big call" on that issue right.

As for Covid, late lockdowns, confusing rules and general dithering arguably cost lives.

And "our most successful prime minister in a generation"? Come off it.

Having a friend as loyal as Dorries must be absolutely wild.

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