Boris Johnson and Brexit ridiculed by German TV in Crown parody ‘The Clown’

Boris Johnson and Brexit ridiculed by German TV in Crown parody ‘The Clown’
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Boris Johnson was mocked by German public broadcaster NDR's weekly political satirical programme Extra 3.

The programme parodied Netflix hit The Crown, remodelling it into “The Clown”: a saga depicting one man’s troubles juggling Brexit negotiations and running the country.

It features clips of him playing sport, on the Leave campaign trail, and the infamous London Olympics zipwire stunt.

The spoof culminates by depicting the UK through several apocalyptic-style movie scenes, while Boris runs around to the Benny Hill theme.

Each joke lands like a bucket of ice-cold water as we are again reminded how other nations perceive us at the moment.

‘The clown gets tangled up in silly adventures. The negotiations with the EU seem endless. The huge budget bears no relation to the result.’

Extra 3 proposes it will last a cringe-inducing 23 series.

The Clown concludes mocking those that have claimed in recent weeks the show should come with a ‘truth’ disclaimer - with text featuring at the end translating to ‘all real - even if you can't believe it’.

It’s not the first time the show has taken shots at Britain’s messy state of affairs - back in 2019 they featured the UK’s negotiation process as a never ending escape room between several characters that want very different outcomes.

They also parodied Theresa May back in 2017 to the tune of The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’. Ouch.

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