9 alternative ways the Tory leadership contest should be decided

9 alternative ways the Tory leadership contest should be decided
Tory leadership: Sunak and Mordaunt lead race to succeed Boris Johnson after ...

The Tory leadership contest is in full swing after Boris Johnson dramatically resigned last week.

Conservative MPs have voted to whittle down six candidates to from eight to five. At the time of writing, those still in the race are Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Kemi Badenoch, Liz Truss and Tom Tugendhat, with Suella Braverman being the latest to fall.

Voting again and again until there is only one candidate left seems a democratic enough way to decide who the next leader should be but it isn't very fun, is it?

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So here at indy100, we've come up with a few different ways the contest could be fought. Enjoy.

1. Who can make the biggest flag?

Given the Tories are often accused of being flag shaggers, we reckon this would go down well with the membership.

2. Rock paper scissors

Why not?

3. Who can actually solve the cost of living crisis?

Politics descends into farce on a daily, but it would be nice to see politicians actually spend some time thinking about the real issues plaguing the country.

4. Flipping a coin

Back to banter now and since Tories like leaving things up to the invisible hand of the market, why not decide the leadership contest via sheer luck?

5. Pull names out of a hat

Maybe this would unfairly benefit Tom Tugendhat.

6. Race each other

Fastest person = best for the country. Obviously

7. Or do a diving competition

Mordaunt would have this one in the bag.

8. Squid Game style competition

If they really want to put their money where their mouths are.

9. Compete on Love Island

There's how you really separate the wheat from the chaff.

You're welcome, Conservatives.

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