Nigel Farage has joined GB News - the funniest reactions

Nigel Farage has joined GB News - the funniest reactions

After years of politics and numerous failed election attempts, Nigel Farage has finally decided to have a career change by joining GB News.

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader announced the news at 5 pm on Saturday with his own show ‘Farage’ set to start next week.

It will be a prime time spot for the 57-year-old old holding a Monday to Thursday slot from 7 pm. Farage didn’t give many details on what the show will contain but he was pretty adamant that he would “not be taking the knee for anyone on the show.”

Farage’s move to broadcasting, which he has done previously with LBC Radio, comes amid a turbulent time for GB News which reportedly attracted zero viewers earlier this week following a boycott of the network after host Guto Harri took the knee on the air, which the channel claimed breached its standards.

Co-founder Andrew Neil attempted to downplay these problems urging viewers to “watch this space.”

It depends on how you feel about Farage but he could be seen as a significant get for GB News. However, judging by the reactions to his announcement people aren’t convinced.

At least, Laurence Fox was happy.

Farage had earlier teased the announcement, leading to some people to correctly guess what the ‘career change’ would be whereas some people had alternative ideas.

Given everything we’ve already seen from GB News we can only imagine he’ll provide some golden content...

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