Televangelist demands Joe Biden threaten Putin with nuclear weapons

An American televangelist has criticised President Joe Biden for not threatening to launch nuclear weapons on Russia.

91-year-old Pat Robertson spoke during the Christian Broadcasting Network’s flagship show The 700 Club.

The evangelist who throughout his broadcasting career has advocated conservative Christian ideas came out of retirement to comment on the Ukraine war.

A Twitter account named Right Wing Watch posted a segment of his recent thoughts, captioning the post: “Pat Robertson criticizes Biden for refusing to escalate the crisis in Ukraine and not threatening to nuke Russia.”

In the video, Robertson said: “We have the firepower to wipe out every Russian city [with] just one Trident submarine and of course, we’re not using it and have no intention of using it.

“But, why doesn’t somebody in the administration call Putin’s bluff? He’s bluffing and every time he says, ‘well if you do that, we’re going to escalate’.

Robertson continued: “Oh no you’re not, old buddy. We’re going to do you if you try to do us and we will make it worse and you know it.”

He suggested that Biden should threaten Putin with catastrophic nuclear weapons and claimed Putin is bluffing about his threats to use nuclear force in Ukraine.

Given Liz Truss was blamed for the Russian leader placing his nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, it’s difficult to see how any threat from the US would do anything to help ease the war in Ukraine.

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Robertson continued: “Putin knows we’re powerful. He doesn't have much of an army, he doesn’t have much of an economy. It’s a tiny economy and he's playing a bluff.

“But unfortunately, we have a man in charge in Washington who doesn't like to stand up to bluffs. He folds his winning hand every single time.”

Commenting on the clip, one person wrote: “Just remember that this guy actively wants to bring about the end of the world and the return of Christ. And his views aren't uncommon among evangelicals.”

Someone else wrote: “I'm confused. Is it ‘Christian’ to ‘nuke Russia?’”

In another video, Robertson claimed Putin is being “compelled by God” to invade Ukraine and ultimately to “move against Israel”.

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