We might get ‘pints of champagne’ back because of Brexit but nobody cares

We might get ‘pints of champagne’ back because of Brexit but nobody cares

Pint-sized sparkling wine bottles may return ‘thanks’ to Brexit, as the government reviews the EU legislation that banned the imperial measurement - but safe to say this isn’t being greeted as the most fantastic Brexit dividend.

In what has been described as “hangover” EU laws that banned the sparkling pint bottles, foreign secretary Liz Truss is currently reviewing the idea to bring them back, the Telegraph reports. The UK ditched them along with other imperial measurements in 1973 when the country joined the EU.

But speaking to The Telegraph on Thursday, a government source said: “Pint-sized bottles were a victim of the EU’s war against imperial measurements, which are widely used and understood in this country.

The pint-sized tipple could become legal again as early as next year - at least some hope.

The move has received backing from both ministers and vintners.

And former UK prime minister Winston Churchill who served his time in office during World War II and again in 1951-195 might have been pleased. He reportedly described the pint-size champagne as the “ideal size” because the bottle was “enough for two at lunch and one at dinner.”

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But that’s about it and there are many who think this wouldn’t be the best idea and believe that we have more pressing and urgent issues to be focussing on such as the Covid pandemic, poverty, the NHS and social care, rather than discussing the size of champagne bottles.

Meanwhile, some questioned whether this would even be possible since champagne is only made in France and so shared their doubts as to whether French manufacturers would be willing to produce pint-sized bottles of their product for the UK.

Though, one person pointed out that the UK is the world’s single biggest champagne export market and we drink more champagne in total compared to the US, according to the Comité Champagne.

Therefore, French manufacturers may be inclined to produce pint-sized bottles if the UK were to bring back the imperial measurement.

Whether it’s in a pint-sized bottle or not, the overwhelming verdict appears to be that no one really cares...

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