Right wing pundit’s attempt to criticise Zelensky is immediately shut down

Right wing pundit’s attempt to criticise Zelensky is immediately shut down
Ukraine is ‘alive and kicking’, says Zelensky as Congress gives him standing …

A right wing pundit has become the subject of a backlash on social media after criticising Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to the US.

Commentator Charlie Kirk, who is the founder of Turning Point USA, criticised Zelensky’s appearance during his time in front of Congress – before being swiftly rebuked online.

In a series of tweets, Kirk wrote: “It’s ok to hate that Putin invaded Ukraine and also be repulsed by this performance in the halls of Congress.”

He added: “If you speak in front of Congress you should wear a suit and tie. I don’t care if you are a CIA plant.”

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Kirk went on to write: “Remember, Zelenskyy is an actor. Instead of a suit and tie for his White House visit, he's wearing an army fatigue colored sweater and cargo pants. The costume just hits better when you're in the middle of a multi-billion-dollar shakedown of American taxpayers.”

Historian Dan Snow was one of the people who took issue with his comments about Zelensky’s appearance, and put things in context.

Taking to twitter Snow posted a screengrab of the Kirk post and wrote: “Winston Churchill famously wore a ‘siren suit’- an all in one utility outfit designed for air raids- when he visited the White House in 1941.”

Others responded directly to Kirk’s post, with one writing: “How would YOU dress if your country was invaded??”

Another said: “If he had done a Churchill and worn a suit Charlie would say that US money is paying for his wardrobe.”

Zelensky was seen holding back tears as all members of the US house gave him a standing ovation during his visit to the US.

“Ukraine is alive and kicking,” he said in his opening lines, as lawmakers from both parties showered him in applause.

Zelensky gave a speech in front of US congressChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

He painted a picture of a Ukraine that hasn’t bowed to Russian pressure, and a world united against Vladimir Putin’s “tyranny.”

“We defeated Russia in the battle for the minds of the world. We have no fear,” the Ukrainian leader said. “The Russian tyranny has lost control over us. It will never influence our minds again.”

Kirk is not the only right-wing pundit to criticise Zelensky during his visit. Fox News host Tucker Carlson lashed out at the Ukrainian president and said he looked like the “manager of a strip club” who should have been thrown out of Congress.

Journalist Murtaza Hussain also commented on the debate over whether or not Zelensky should have worn a suit, saying: “If Zelensky had worn a suit and tie the same people upset about his fatigues would’ve been calling him an out of touch charlatan. Just ignore this vacuous commentary.”

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