Rachel Johnson says she could 'live' with Putin getting a chunk of ...

With the war in Ukraine ongoing for more than a month, many are hoping that some kind of peace deal will finally see an end to the horrific violence.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been consistently condemned by the West as Putin has waged war under bogus claims of “liberating” Ukrainian people.

The Russian leader’s plans now appear to be focused on taking the Donbas region of south-eastern Ukraine.

And, it seems as though Putin’s plan would have support from the prime minister’s sister Rachel Johnson, as she declared on her LBC radio show that she “could live with” the Russian leader taking a piece of Ukraine.

Johnson said: “I think it’s fine and fair enough – obviously fair is a silly way of putting it and nothing is fair in this war – if Putin claims and retains Donetsk and Luhansk, the Donbas, and allows Ukraine to get on with its life, I could live with that.”

Unsurprisingly, her comments have not gone down well at all with many questioning why she is speaking on issues that don’t affect her.

Writer and journalist Otto English wrote on Twitter: “Rachel Johnson ‘could live’ with Putin controlling vast chunks of Ukraine. So why can't Ukrainians??”

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Someone else commented: “Find someone who looks at you like an ignorant British person looks at drawing random lines on a map of Central and Eastern Europe.”

One person said starkly: “Mariupol was a city with a population of 450,000 and has been flattened in a month with the deaths of thousands.

“Rachel Johnson ‘can live with that’, just so Putin can think he’s won something. @LBC, you really need to do something.”

Another commented: “I’m sure I speak for all Ukrainians when I say that I’m very glad it isn’t up to you, Rachel Johnson. What an embarrassment.”

It comes as Ukraine’s President Zelensky has said he is “prepared to discuss” Ukraine taking a neutral status.

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