Stanley Johnson blames government for sewage being released into UK waterways

A Tory MP has slammed the Johnson family for a peculiar interview in which Boris Johnson's sister interviewed her father about her brother/ his son.

In a peculiar exercise in speaking power to power and holding just about nobody to account, Rachel Johnson interviewed Stanley Johnson on LBC about the role the government has in dealing with water companies that are pumping sewage into the water.

It comes as swimmers are being warned to avoid at least 50 UK beaches as water companies are pumping raw sewage into the seas with the southwest and south coast being the worst affected.

Last year the government voted to allow the legislation which will allow for sewage to be pumped into seas and rivers. The vote was to make an amendment for water companies to have a legal duty not to allow sewage to be pumped into rivers but the Tories voted against it.

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While Johnson (Stanley) was critical of the Johnson (Boris) government, Tory MP Huw Merriman thought the interview was an example of "nepotism" which "must stop."

He tweeted: "I agree, and voted on the sewage point but, when I was a baby, Johnson and Johnson used to powder backsides rather than be paid to talk out of them.

"There is too much nepotism in politics. It must stop. People must believe they can succeed by merit and hard-work."

And other people agreed with him:

Another day in Tory Britain, another absurdity.

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