Does Rishi Sunak know how to use a hammer?

Does Rishi Sunak know how to use a hammer?
Rishi Sunak struggles to use a hammer during live TV report
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He’s been ‘hammering’ on about his priorities for government all year, but social media thinks Prime Minister Rishi Sunak doesn’t seem to know how to use one of life’s most basic DIY tools.

Stopping off at Sunny Bank Mills in Leeds on Thursday to meet small business owners, Sunak said hello to Emma White and tried his hand at hammering some metal jewellery at her studio.

Except, rather than use the face of the hammer, the millionaire (who is actually the MP for Richmond in Yorkshire, so he’s in familiar territory) used the cheek of the tool to strike a nail.

It comes after Sunak unveiled five new “long-term decisions” for his government earlier this week, with “backing British business” being one of the priorities alongside “reducing debt” and “delivering a world-class education”.

The clip (albeit, without the full context) was shared online and thus, the ridicule from social media users soon followed:

For those unfamiliar, the bacon sandwich comments relate to former Labour leader Ed Miliband’s photo opp blunder in which his inability to properly tuck into the food defined his bid to enter No 10.

It’s not the first time Sunak has come across as being seemingly out-of-touch with the ordinary person, as he’s previously struggled to use a contactless card and when he borrowed a cheaper car to promote a temporary cut on fuel duty.

Except, this actually isn't a case of the PM failing to grasp the basics of craftmanship, as the full video (which unfortunately isn't being circulated as widely as its shorter counterpart) reveals White specifically asks Sunak to use the side of the hammer when striking the metal:

So for those saying Sunak's using the hammer appropriately here, well... you've hit the nail on the head.

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