Rishi Sunak asks homeless man if he wants to get into finance in bizarre clip

Rishi Sunak asks homeless man if he wants to get into finance in bizarre clip
Rishi Sunak asks homeless man whether he wants to get into finance

Rishi Sunak is a man of the people and completely 'in touch'.

So much so that when he met a homeless man at a shelter he interacted with him in the most normal way possible. Not.

What actually happened was the prime minister visited a homeless shelter in London run by the Passage on Friday, December 23, and handed out breakfast to people.

He met a man called Dean and asked him how he was. "Hungry," Dean replied.

After Sunak prepared him a Full English, Sunak asked Dean if he "worked in business".

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Dean explained that he was "homeless" but said he was "interested in business".

That perked Sunak up who said he "used to work in finance" and said jobs in finance were now spreading across the UK and not just concentrated in London.

"Is that something you'd like to get in to?" Sunak asked Dean.

"I wouldn't mind," Dean said, adding: "I'd like to get through Christmas first".

Sunak then asked Dean what his Christmas plans were, to which Dean said he was hoping to find temporary accommodation to get him off the streets.

Take a look at the clip for yourself.

Our prime minister, everyone.

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