The best Rishi Sunak's Sky TV memes: "It didn't start until he was 9!"

The best Rishi Sunak's Sky TV memes: "It didn't start until he was 9!"
Rishi Sunak says he didn't have Sky TV as a child

Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Rishi Sunak has been mocked online for saying he went without "lots of things" as a child including "Sky TV" because of when the service started.

In an interview with ITV, Sunak was asked how he kept in touch with struggles people face and what he went without as a child.

Sunak said he "went without lots of things" and was pressed on what specifically before he nervously laughed.

He again didn't answer the question directly at first before eventually succumbing and gave an example.

"Like lots of people, there'll be all sorts of things I would have wanted as a kid that I couldn't have, famously Sky TV, that was something that we never had growing up actually," said Sunak.

Given the struggles some people face today in a cost of living crisis struggling to provide for their families, his comments were panned online.

And they were ridiculed further when people realised when Sky TV actually started.

Sky TV began broadcasting with four channels in Europe on February 5 1989 with a target of the UK - meaning it wasn't even available in the UK when it launched.

Sunak was born on May 12 1980, meaning he would have been just eight-years-old when Sky TV first launched, let alone when it would first be available in the UK, then widely available and how it's recognised today.

This seems to have amused a lot of social media users who have been poking fun at Sunak for; he seems to be having a bit of a nightmare after announcing the snap general election on May 22.

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