Parliament is selling a Rishi Sunak mug that looks nothing like him

Parliament is selling a Rishi Sunak mug that looks nothing like him
Rishi Sunak says he has not read Partygate report in detail

People have been left baffled by a Rishi Sunak jug being sold by the House of Parliament that looks absolutely nothing like him.

When it comes to collectables, you normally think of things like rare Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards or old stamps and coins.

But, people have been shocked to learn that the Houses of Parliament shop sells limited editition Toby Jugs (a pottery jug in the form of the head of a recognisable person) of British Prime Ministers that will set you back £32 each.

As the latest in a recent flurry of Tory PMs, the Toby Jug for Rishi Sunak recently caught attention after a picture of it was shared online by the Spectator’s Political Correspondent James Heale.

Heale wrote: “Babe wake up, new prime ministerial Toby Jug just dropped.”

In the comments, people could firstly hardly believe it was real and, secondly, how little it actually resembles Sunak.

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Some people had other thoughts as to what the Toby Jug looks and it certainly isn’t Sunak.

One person replied: “Why does it look like Colin Jeavons.”

Another wrote: “Bit pricey for a likeness of Paul Wolfowitz…”

“Well...this is our Politics Dept birthday and Christmas presents sorted in perpetuity,” said another amused Twitter user.

Someone poked fun at Sunak’s modest height, jokingly writing: “1:1 scale.”

“Parliament shop better lawyer up because that's defamatory,” joked another person.

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