Rishi Sunak's wife's dress during his resignation speech has everyone making the same joke

Rishi Sunak's wife's dress during his resignation speech has everyone making the same joke
Rishi Sunak tells UK 'I'm sorry' in final speech after Labour win …

As outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered his resignation speech in his final address to the nation in that capacity, a number of people on social media made the same joke about the dress his wife Akshata Murty was wearing being symbolic of how the 2024 general election went for the Conservatives.

Labour have won a significant majority, winning 412 seats, Conservatives 121 and Liberal Democrats 71 with only two left to declare at the time of writing.

Outside 10 Downing Street on July 5, Sunak delivered his resignation speech as Prime Minister for the United Kingdom and also announced he will be stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party.

But social media users said Murty's dress said a lot about how the election has gone for the Tories.

Rishi Sunak delivers his final speech as Prime Minister with Akshata Murty standing in the background of the shot / @10DowningStreet, X / Twitter

She stood behind Sunak in shot while he delivered his speech.

Murty was seen wearing a predominantly blue and white dress but the top section had arrows pointing down and a bottom section of the dress was red.

Social media users have said this is a metaphor for how the election has gone for them.

@jamesbwfc22 Tweeted a picture from the broadcast and said Murty's dress "represents the Tory vote".

@TheDreadShips said the dress looked like "dazzle camouflage".

@heritage_lizzie had praise for the dress, describing it with the hashtag "frocking fabulous".

@hewitson10 joked the dress is a representation of the American flag and that the couple is preparing to get on a "private jet for the new life in the US as planned".

@sabre1951 had a more simple take on the dress, saying it reminded them as a "skeleton".

@GregScottTV made a parallel to what Sunak said during his speech and the dress Murty was wearing.

@tvproduceruk said the image that circulated on Sunak speaking with Murty visible behind "is the stuff of a million memes".

@beckychanceux joked "even Rishi Sunak's wife's dress says you're going down!!"

@Bonobobananas69 wasn't too complimentary about the dress, saying "wtf is Sunak's wife wearing" before then praising Sunak's parting speech.

Another Halloween reference came from @Aviewfromt99581, who also thought the dress looked like a skeleton.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Sunak said: "To the country, I would like to say first and foremost, I'm sorry.

"I have given this job my all but you have sent a clear signal that the Government of the United Kingdom must change and yours is the only judgment that matters.

"I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility for this loss.

"Following this result, I will step down as party leader, not immediately, but once the formal arrangements for selecting my successor are in place.

"While he has been my political opponent, Sir Keir Starmer will shortly become our Prime Minister. In this job, his successes will be all our successes and I wish him and his family well.

"Whatever our disagreements in this campaign, he is a decent, public spirited man who I respect."

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