Ron DeSantis makes bizarre promise to Trump if he has the 'b**ls' to debate him

Ron DeSantis makes bizarre promise to Trump if he has the 'b**ls' to debate him
DeSantis denies wearing heels after being confronted with pictures during interview
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Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are fueding again, and this time DeSantis has made a bizarre promise to the former president.

The Florida Governor has pledged to wear a boot on his own head if Trump turns up to debate him and the other presidential contenders on stage with him.

“If Donald Trump can summon the balls to show up to the debate, I’ll wear a boot on my head,” DeSantis said, speaking to Newsmax.

It comes after DeSantis continues to face questions that he wears augmented boots to make himself look taller.

Trump himself has added fuel to the rumours by posting pictures of his footwear last month on his Truth Social platform.

It wasn’t just DeSantis himself that posted about Trump, either. His national spokesperson Carly Atchison also called out the Trump campaign.

“ATTN: Team Trump ‘men,’ if you ever decide to man up, you and your boss can buy a pair of balls here,” she posted on Twitter/X, linking to a site selling golf balls with “DeSantis” written on them.

DeSantis has never been far away from the news in the US over the past few months. He went viral once again for his rather unusual smile during the latest GOP debate.

DeSantis was in the midst of a discussion about 'bloating spending bills' when he cracked the grin, which looked rather forced to many watching on.

Just last month he became an instant meme for the same thing - but it would seem he hasn't learned from his mistake.

'I refuse to believe he's actually ever communicated with other humans', one person wrote on social media.

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