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The fact that Stephen Fry is a national treasure is not news, but him taking to Twitter to shut down a Conservative MP talking about the bizarre “anti-growth coalition” very much is.

If you missed it, prime minister and Tory party leader Liz Truss told members at this year’s Conservative Party Conference that she would not “allow the anti-growth coalition to hold us back”.

Those included in the group which sounds like a heavy metal band include Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, “militant unions”, the “vested interests dressed up as think tanks”, Extinction Rebellion and two Greenpeace protesters who disrupted her speech to hold up a sign asking “who voted for this?”

And Jamie Oliver could well be included in that list too – hilariously – as The Independent reports Downing Street has not ruled out the chef as being part of what is coming across more and more as a prestigious social group.

Nevertheless, the unusual term has since been parroted by other Conservative MPs such as Suzanne Webb, MP for Stourbridge and the PM’s Parliamentary Private Secretary.

Sharing a campaign video from her party, she wrote on Twitter: “It’s pro-growth Conservatives v The Anti-Growth Coalition. I know which side that I am on.”

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Though Mr Fry, ever the wordsmith, wasn’t particularly convinced by the Tories’ new phrase to describe anyone they don’t like.

“Oh for heaven’s sake grow up. Do you really think any sentient adult in the world believes there is such a thing as ‘The Anti-Growth Coalition’ outside the squalid and outdated playbook of the fatuous sloganeers your party pays to advise them?

“Give the British people some credit,” he replied.


And others have since supported Mr Fry’s take on the silliness:

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll go and add Mr Fry’s name to an ever-increasing list of people who could well be a part of the “anti-growth coalition”.

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