Senator Ted Cruz is being reminded of his past again.

This time, the Texas politician took to Twitter to decry the U.S. for “leaving Americans behind” in the aftermath of US forces from Afghanistan.

This is an ironic hill for Cruz to die on considering he did that very thing — and not even that long ago.

In February of this year, Cruz literally fled the country amidst a dangerous winter storm, leaving hundreds of Texans behind, freezing to death in darkness, opting to take a relaxing Cancun vacation instead of aiding his constituents when they needed him most.

Still, that didn’t stop the senator from weighing in a video shared by the Republican National Committee, during which a reporter addresses a Texas family who had “been going to the airport for two weeks” in an attempt to leave Afghanistan. Cruz quote-tweeted the video, writing: “This is horrifying. And wrong. America doesn’t leave Americans behind.”

Twitter immediately began to mock Cruz’s hypocritical statement, reminding the senator of his quick trip across the border for some sun amid a fatal storm.

This was the senator’s second blunder of the day (of which we’re aware), as he also incorrectly tweeted a video of “Joe Biden’s Afghanistan,” in which he claimed the Taliban was “hanging a man from an American Blackhawk helicopter.”

However several experts on the ground quickly debunked Cruz’s claim: No one was “hanging” from a helicopter, someone was simply trying to fix a flag over a building.

“A viral video claiming to show a man being brutally hanged from a helicopter in Kandahar was likely an attempt to fix a flag over a public building, not a hanging,” journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh tweeted. “A separate video of the incident shows the man is clearly alive and waving in the air.”

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