Ted Cruz has reportedly gone to the Bahamas amid another weather warning for Texas

Ted Cruz has reportedly gone to the Bahamas amid another weather warning for Texas
Actor Craig Robinson claims Ted Cruz is in Bahamas amid Texas weather ...

You’d think Texas senator Ted Cruz would have learned his lesson after being heavily ridiculed for his trip to Cancunlast year, but this is American politics we’re talking about, so of course he’s reportedly done it again.

As a reminder, the controversial Republican thought it was a great idea to go on holiday to Mexico in February 2021, right when the state he represents was dealing with one of the worst winter storms on record.

After rightfully receiving backlash over the incident, Mr Cruz told reporters: “Whether the decision to go was tone deaf, look, it was obviously a mistake.

“In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it. I was trying to be a dad.”

Well, that’s alright then. As long as he won’t make the same mistake again?

Ah, about that…

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According to The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Craig Robinson, Mr Cruz is apparently in the Bahamas right now – right when Texas is facing warnings of heavy rain and flash flooding.

When asked by host Whoopi Goldberg about his “interesting seat mate” on his flight to their show in the Bahamas, he told ABC’s The View: “It was Ted Cruz … He was on his way here. He’s here right now.”

And so naturally, when Mr Cruz shared a tweet on Friday in which he said him and his team were “closely monitoring the ongoing weather”, it wasn’t long before Cancun references came up in the replies:

A spokesman for Cruz said: "This isn’t journalism. This is a ridiculous story that has only one goal: get resistance rage clicks. The Senator is in Texas after a 4-day trip in the Bahamas. We know this time of the year is hard for the angry left, but have a nice 4th of July."

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