Tory leadership candidate's campaign chart makes absolutely no sense

Tory leadership candidate's campaign chart makes absolutely no sense
Boris Johnson refuses to endorse any Tory leadership contender

As Boris Johnson announced his resignation as the leader of the Conservative Party, a Tory leadership race is now underway.

There are currently 11 Tory MPs that have launched a leadership campaign to replace Johnson as leader of the party and become Prime Minister of the country.

One such candidate is MP for Tonbridge and Malling, Tom Tugendhat, who has announced his leadership bid and offered up confusing graphics about why he is the best candidate for the job.

In one tweet, Tugendhat made the claim he had the highest chance of votes in every part of the country and attached a bar chart that has left people confused as to the point he is trying to convey.

Tugendhat wrote: “I have the highest chance of winning votes in every part of the U.K.

“We need to unite the country.”

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The bar chart accompanying the tweet featured the names of other MPs in the leadership race with a percentage figure next to them.

The graph titled “How much more popular is Tom Tugendhat” is allegedly supposed to show his popularity compared with the other named candidates, but Twitter users have made it clear it communicates the opposite.

One person wrote: “you’re also best placed to hire a competent designer because this chart is an abomination.”

Another said: “You also have the highest chance of making people think Hunt is the most popular candidate with this chart.”

Someone else urged: “Tom I hope you change your graphics person, as this is so confusing, it almost says the opposite of what you mean.

“I trust your economics team are more literate!”

One SNP MP joked: “the lib dems want their graph back.”

The new Conservative leader and Prmine Minister will be voted for by the Conservative Party members.

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