Tory MP who loves flags calls for mandatory Union flag flying at schools

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A Conservative Party MP has called for it to be mandatory to fly Union flags at all UK schools.

Writing on Twitter, Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford, responded to a story claiming 40% were in favour of the policy, and said: “I agree, all schools should fly the Union Jack outside their school and a different pupil each morning should be given the honour of raising the flag at the start of the school day.

“The flag should also be displayed permanently in school assembly halls.”

Perhaps Rosindell has never been to a school, because if he had we are quite sure he would soon discover that children and teenagers would probably not see schlepping outside to put a flag up every day as an “honour”, more likely an inconvenience.

But we digress.

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His comments come on St George’s Day – when England remembers its patron saint, and more patriotic minded individuals typically froth over all things British – flag included.

Unfortunately for Rosindell, the polling data also showed that 25% rejected the notion of sticking flags in every school, and 31% were not bothered either way. So, the idea that Brits are clamouring to put flags everywhere is pretty misleading.

But Rosindell is not the only Tory to call for the policy. Earlier this month, MP for Ipswich Tom Hunt was absolutely rinsed after he dismissed concerns from students at London school Pimlico Academy who protested in part to remove a Union flag outside the school building. He said:

And his followers said:

And Rosindell has not escaped the mirth of the Twitter commentariat either:

But this is the Conservative party’s world and we are all just living in it. In March, the government announced that from the summer, Union flags will be flown on all UK government buildings at all time.

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said the flag is “a proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us”.

And we thoroughly researched tax evasion (not) after we found out the Department for Transport spent £700 on four Union flags in December, to be placed at their headquarters.

Sorry, there’s more.

Rosindell himself has been flying the flag for, er, flags, for much of his parliamentary career. He is a member of the Flag Institute, which is a group that offers advice and guidance about flags and their usage.

In 2008, he was a founding member of the All Party Parliamentary Flag Group and proposed a bill to make provision about the display and flying of the Union Flag. Don’t worry everyone it’s not like there was a massive economic crisis or anything else happening at the time that he could have dedicated his attention to.

He’s mentioned the word “flag” in parliament 200 times since 2001... OK we think we’ve made the point. Andy? Loves a flag.

While Rosindell’s tweets do not directly affect government policy, we can only hope that those in the government are flagging from all this flag chat.

After all, flags may not be as popular as they seem:

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