Government department spends hundreds of pounds on Union flags

Government department spends hundreds of pounds on Union flags
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A government department has spent hundreds of pounds of taxpayersmoney on flags, indy100 can reveal.

According to transparency data released by the government yesterday, the Department for Transport spent £700.80 on four Union Flags in December, to be placed at their headquarters.

It comes days after the government announced that the union flag should be flown from all UK government buildings every day, and local councils were advised to do the same.

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said the flag will act as “a proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us.” (Lucky us).

Writing on Twitter, he added:

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Currently, the flag is raised on around 20 “designated days” such as the birthdays of senior members of the royal family.

As well as this, government ministers are increasingly placing the flag in their homes and offices to be visible in the background during TV interviews, causing derision from some on the left who are both wincing at the bombastic display of patriotism, and worrying that the Conservative government is modelling itself on a U.S style of politics.

Journalist Will Hutton, for instance, said:

While producer Jolyon Rubinstein added:

The Department of Transport purchased its flags from an aptly named company, Flags and Flagpoles.

As people return to their offices, we are sure they will be thrilled to learn about the use of their hard-earned money.

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