Donald Trump challenged Biden to a cognitive test, then got his own doctor’s name wrong

Donald Trump challenged Biden to a cognitive test, then got his own doctor’s name wrong
Confused Trump Suffers Memory Lapse While Challenging Biden to Cognitive Test
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Donald Trump tried to call out Joe Biden and challenge him to take a cognitive test, only to then get the name of his own doctor wrong.

Trump came into a speech on Saturday in Detroit a day after turning 78, and he addressed the crowd at an event for the right-wing group Turning Point Action.

He attempted to attack Biden for his age and cognitive function, saying that the President “doesn’t even know what the word ‘inflation’ means”.

Trump tried to say that Biden should take a cognitive test like he had done while in the White House in 2018.

Speaking about his test, he tried to reference the ‘White House doctor’, who he called Ronny Johnson.

“Has anyone heard of Ronny Johnson, congressman from Texas?” he said.

“He was the White House doctor, and he said I was the healthiest president, he feels, in history. So I liked him very much.”

Only, Trump got the name wrong. He actually meant Ronny Jackson, who is the representative for Texas's 13th congressional district and a vocal Trump supporter in the Republican party.

Biden’s election campaign was quick to point out the unfortunate mistake, posting on social media and commenting on the error.

It comes after leading psychiatrist Dr Lance Dodes stated there is “overwhelming” evidence that Trump is suffering from dementia earlier this year.

It came after a crowd of his supporters gathered in Richmond, Virginia fell silent as the former president appeared to mix up Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama again.

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