Trump Jr. shares video praising a comedian who regularly criticised his father

Trump Jr. shares video praising a comedian who regularly criticised his father
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Donald Trump Jr. shared a video of a comedian who repeatedly roasted his father Donald Trump mercilessly when he was president.

The former president’s eldest son shared the clip of British parody reporter character Jonathan Pie unaware that the same comedian regularly slated his dad.

Speaking in the video before the comedian’s clip began, Trump Jr. said: “Check this out, this is one of the most real videos I seen talking about the insanity of modern cancel culture and the stupidity of our society today, where we can’t even fathom that maybe things that were written 100 years ago have some less than awesome language in them, less than awesome innuendo. But rather than just accepting that and learning from those mistakes, we gotta cancel them and pretend that they didn’t happen.”

Trump Jr. added, “I guess he’s a reporter”, clearly oblivious to the fact that Jonathan Pie is in fact a fictional character played by British comedian Tom Walker who frequently posts rants about UK and US politics.

In the video, which Trump Jr. captioned, “Wow: this rant against the liberals is amazing”, Jonathan Pie can be heard talking about cancel culture.

In the clip, Pie said: “Stop sanitising and denying your past to make yourself look good. I’m sick of it. It’s everywhere you look.

“We live in the most inclusive, progressive, diverse, prosperous society ever in human history, yet we behave like we’ve never had it so fucking bad.”

Ironically, the same comedian that Donald Trump Jr. posted previously celebrated the fact Trump lost the election to Joe Biden in one of his famous rants.

In the video titled “Trump is a loser”, Pie said: “I never thought it would be possible to get this excited about Joe Biden winning an election.”

He continued mocking the former president, saying: “I think that’s why Trump has had such a hard time accepting the results—because it involves numbers. Adding numbers.”

During his rant, he expressed his enjoyment at the drawn out way we all found out Trump had lost the election and Biden had been elected as the next President.

Pie said: “It should have been easy but there’s been something quite beautiful about watching Trump’s presidency be slowly euthanized by cold hard numbers and irrefutable facts.”

Facts and truth are not things Trump was known for respecting during his presidency.

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