Trump was so upset by Saturday Night Live mockery ‘he demanded criminal investigation into comedians’

<p>(Left) Alec Baldwin was on the receiving end of a Trump tirade (Right)</p>

(Left) Alec Baldwin was on the receiving end of a Trump tirade (Right)

YouTube/Saturday Night Live and Getty Images

Donald Trump launched into a bizarre rant aboutSaturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin - who plays him in the comedy sketch show - after a report claimed that he demanded to set investigators on late night shows that make fun of him while he was in office.

The former president attacked the The Daily Beast for their report that claimed Trump attempted to get the Justice Department to investigate SNL and other late-night comedians, seeing their criticism of him and his party as a campaign contribution to Democrats.

In a statement published by the Right Side Broadcasting Network, Trump branded the story with his signature slogan, “total Fake News.”

“It was fabricated, there were no news sources, and yet the Lamestream Media goes with it,” he added.

Trump also took the opportunity to insult at Alec Baldwin’s acting abilities, saying “he has no talent, certainly when it comes to imitating me.”

Actor Darrell Hammond seems to be the president’s preferred option - who played him on the sketch show before Baldwin assumed the role in 2016.

Hammond even impersonated Trump when he hosted the show in 2015, a year before he was elected as president.

Donald Trump in 2015 hosting SNL, alongside Darrell Hammond as Donald TrumpYouTube/Saturday Night Live

Trump then dove head first into conspiracy theory territory, saying that “100% one-sided shows” like SNL should be “considered as an illegal campaign contribution to the Democrat Party.”

So, in other words no political satire can’t exist in Trumps eyes if it goes against him. He also seems to be forgetting his little cameo on SNL.

Not exactly one-sided against you when you’ve hosted the show.

He then gave an honourable mention once more to how he got “75 million votes” in the “very fraudulent election.”

And he ended the rant on an ominous note with “2024 or before!”

Before? We dread to think what Trump is expecting to happen before the next election...

Well, that’s our Trump bingo card ticked off.

Critics of Trump were not impressed with the 45th president’s latest ramblings.

Trump is set to host a campaign-style rally in Ohio this weekend, support former Trump advisor, Max Miller against Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio).

The event will mark Trump’s first rally address since his speech at a “Stop the Steal” event on 6th January, just before the Capitol insurrection.

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