Trump supporter says he felt like he was in a cult but still believes conspiracies

Trump supporter says he felt like he was in a cult but still believes conspiracies
Trump supporter says he felt like he was in a cult but ...
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It's been over a year since the Capitol insurrection on January 6, and one Trump supporter has since confessed he felt like he "just got out of a cult."

On that fateful Wednesday last year, Klepper was in Washington D.C. where he challenged Trump supporters who were trying to stop the 2020 election result being certified - a protest that led to the storm on the Capitol where 753 people have since been charged.

A year has now passed and to mark the anniversary The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper spoke to Trump supportersat a vigil they organised outside of the jail where some of the Capitol insurrectionists are being held.

There was one particular Trump supporter that Klepper spoke with who the comedian admitted was "surprisingly reflective about his devotion to Donald Trump's big lie."

“I had never been to a protest event before the 2020 presidential election,” the Trump supporter explained to Klepper.

“I had become completely consumed. It took over my life. For three months, I slept in my car. I travelled from rally to rally, from #StopTheSteal event to #StopTheSteal event, for three months, sleeping in my car, going to see the evidence. And then I had to recover. I had PTSD. So, it took me a long time to find myself again. I feel like I just got out of a cult.”

He added that his best friend agreed with this statement and told him: "You probably did."

Some strong words there, it's not every day a Trump supporter likens the Trump rallies and events to being part of a cult.

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Though things soon took a turn when Klepper asked if he still believed in the "Stop The Steal" campaign, as the Trump supporter had a different answer.

He said: "So people often ask me this way. They often say 'do you think the election was stolen?' And my response is I don't think the election was stolen - I know the election was stolen."

The math isn't quite adding up here...

Given his previous answer, it wasn't quite the response Klepper expected either as he interjected to say: "I thought this was gonna have a good ending."

"Oh but see this is the same - but stay with me," the Trump supporter replied. "This is how someone that is in, was in a cult often responds." Klepper laughed as the man added: "No, seriously."

This led the comedian to ask the Trump supporter whether he is still in a cult - considering he's attending a vigil/rally for the Jan 6 insurrectionists who are in jail.

"So I'm in a much happier place," the guy vaguely replied.

Though after the cult comment he made earlier, we're not entirely convinced.

Viewers also reacted to the interesting discussion that took place and shared Klepper's disappointment at the Trump supporter remaining resolute in his political stance, despite saying he felt like he was in a "cult."

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