Trump supporter refuses to vote for a woman for bizarre bodily reason

Trump supporter refuses to vote for a woman for bizarre bodily reason
Trump says 2024 election will be 'single most important day in history …
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A Donald Trump supporter has attracted the ire of the internet after giving a truly bizarre reason for refusing to vote for Nikki Haley.

The man in North Carolina spoke to NBC News and said that he would never vote for a women as she has no "balls to scratch”.

He added: “All a woman’s good for in my book is having babies and taking care of the house."

NBC News correspondent Shaquille Brewster was the one who asked the question to the Trump supporter, and he posted the exchange on Twitter/X.

"Full video of that moment in Graham, N.C.," Brewster wrote, adding: "Men and women have told me they wouldn’t vote for Haley because she’s a woman before (and in plenty of other states), but rarely is it said this explicitly and in front of a camera."

The video sparked a big reaction on social media, with one user responding by writing: “I cannot comprehend how reporters like you keep the conversation going after something like this.”

Another said: “This is so crazy and disturbing.”

Another response racked up more than 59,000 likes, which read: “Now might be a good time to remind folks that when a woman lost in 2016, she went for a walk in the woods, wrote a book & started a podcast. When a man lost in 2020, he refused to accept it, plotted a coup and incited a violent attack on our Capitol. But tell me more about balls.”

Haley announced on Wednesday (March 6) that she was quitting the presidential race, which means Trump will now clinch the Republican nomination and will go up against Biden in November. Haley did not endorse Trump following the announcement.

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