Donald Trump shares video claiming he knows Melania's name

Donald Trump shares video claiming he knows Melania's name
Trump calls Melania 'Mercedes' during CPAC speech
American Conservative Union via Reuters

Donald Trump hit back at Joe Biden and online trolls who claimed he didn't know Melania's name.

It all started when Trump appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on 24 February, which he described as "the biggest audience they've had in years – I think maybe, ever."

During the event, he said that people loved his wife which led to a standing ovation.

"Oh look at that, wow," he continued in his speech, adding: "Mercedes, that’s pretty good!"

Viewers assumed Trump mistakenly called his wife "Mercedes" – but that wasn't the case.

Mercedes Schlapp, a CAPC organiser, was also in attendance. She later shared a headline, which suggested Trump had forgotten his wife's name, to X/Twitter writing: "Fake news at its finest."

Biden referenced the ordeal on what Trump described as a "very poorly rated show," Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In a post shared on Truth Social, he said: "These people are really dishonest. They are absolutely something. They have a horrible candidate who’s a horrible president. They make up things constantly."

"You take a look at when I use Barack Hussein Obama and I interject him into where it’s supposed to be Biden and I do it purposely for comedic reasons and for sarcasm because a lot of people say that Obama is running the country, not Biden because he’s sleeping all the time, they say 'oh, I don’t know the name of the president,'" he continued. "Or when I imitate this guy getting off a stage, what they do is they say oh he had trouble getting off a stage. I have no trouble getting off a stage."

Trump shared what his fans think of him: "'Wow, he can go two hours without a teleprompter, not even making a little mistake – very little people, almost nobody, can do what I do."

"Don't associate me with the mental midget that you portray because I want to tell you, he should not be leading this country," Trump signed off.

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