Eric Trump makes disastrous error trying to defend his father's trial

Eric Trump makes disastrous error trying to defend his father's trial
Eric Trump's Transformation Is Turning Heads
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Eric Trump attempted to plead his father’s innocence in his criminal trial, but made one disastrous error.

Donald Trump is currently in court facing 34 felony counts linked to payments totalling $130,000 (£105,000) in hush money allegedly made to former adult star Stormy Daniels.

The former president is accused of falsifying business accounts to hide the payments that were made in 2016, during his bid to become president of the US, in exchange for keeping his alleged affair with the star a secret.

The historic trial sees Trump become the first ever US president to stand trial on criminal charges, but that hasn’t stopped his family from trying to defend him – and doing a terrible job at it.

In a rant on Fox News, Trump’s son Eric attempted to claim that his father must be innocent because he was “focused on running the United States of America, not bookkeeping”.

Crucially, however, the alleged hush money payments were made before Trump was ever in office, making a farce of Eric’s entire argument.

Critics stressed this point on social media, with one Twitter/X user commenting: “[Trump] wasn’t 'running a country' when all this took place. He was an unelected private citizen.”

Another wrote: “He wasn’t president when he committed these crimes.”

While a third laughed: “Hahahahhaha. None of them can keep their stories straight."

During his trial, Trump has twice now been reported to have fallen asleep during court and to have been farting in the courtroom.

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