Fox News hosts rage at Trump's position in presidential ranking list

Fox News hosts rage at Trump's position in presidential ranking list
Fox News rage at Trump placing in presidential ranking list
Fox News

Fox News hosts were left raging after a survey named Donald Trump as the worst US president of all time.

The news station covered a report released by the Presidential Greatness Project that ranked every American president in history based on 154 respondents, and host Kayleigh McEnany ended up having a meltdown over the fact Trump came in last.

During his time in office, Trump presided over the 6 January 2021 insurrection on the Capitol in which five people were killed and was involved in countless other major controversies.

It seems, in the eyes of McEnany, all of these mishaps were not enough to justify Trump being at the bottom of the pile.

Angrily, McEnany said: “A new ranking – and I’m going to add, in my view, a highly questionable ranking – of presidents is turning heads after Biden came in higher than both Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. In his wildest dreams!”

She continued: “Abe Lincoln ranked first – OK, fair. Then comes [Barack] Obama at 7th; and Biden came in 14th, actually beating Ronald Reagan, who came in 16th; and Trump, dead last … this is infuriating in so many ways!”

It is unclear who McEnany was referring to, but she claimed “they” are the “ivory tower elites who in no way represent the view of the American people”.

Lisa Boothe, a fellow contributor, also claimed: “It also goes to show you, though, how history can be written and some of it can be built off a lie, as well.

“But, no, this list is bogus, everyone knows that Obama is not that high. He was a terrible president.”

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