Donald Trump's claim about Israel-Hamas is all kinds of egotistical

Donald Trump's claim about Israel-Hamas is all kinds of egotistical
Donald Trump calls Democrats 'anti-Israel, anti-Jewish' party

Donald Trump, as ever, is in his delulu era.

In a campaign speech in New Hampshire on Monday, the former US President criticised his White House successor, Joe Biden, for his handling of Hamas's attack on Israel at the weekend and said the attack would not have happened under his leadership.

"With people pouring into our country and we have no idea from where they come, the same people, in many cases, the same people that just attacked Israel, you know that, right? Can you imagine what this guy [Joe Biden] has done to us-what he's done to us? That would have never happened. The attack on Israel would never, ever have happened," he said.

"What happened yesterday was incredible," he added.

"Vicious. Young children were just slaughtered... When I was your president, we had peace through strength, and now we have weakness, conflict, and chaos. The atrocities we're witnessing in Israel would never have happened if I were president."

It comes after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday morning, first launching rockets across the border before attacking both civilians and military targets in the south of the country and taking more than 100 people hostage.

Israel responded with airstrikes on Gaza and has declared a “complete siege” on the enclave.

At least 900 people have reportedly been killed in Israel, while more than 650 have died in Gaza since the conflict began.

Somehow we doubt Trump would be the answer to avoiding all this chaos...

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