8 of the wildest moments from Donald Trump’s interview with Nigel Farage

8 of the wildest moments from Donald Trump’s interview with Nigel Farage
Trump wades into royal photo row: 'Everybody doctors'
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GB News host and ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage – who was once branded “Mr Brexit” by Donald Trump – aired his latest interview with the former US president on Tuesday night, and unsurprisingly, the Republican made a number of outlandish remarks during the hour-long conversation.

We’ve watched the interview and pulled out the key moments, so you don’t have to.

You’re welcome.

Edited Princess of Wales photo “shouldn’t be a big deal”

Farage asked Trump for his thoughts on the ongoing discussion around Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, and the ‘edited’ photo released by Kensington Palace on Mother’s Day earlier this month.

Trump said: “Well that shouldn’t be a big deal, because everybody doctors. You look at these movie actors and you see a movie actor and you meet them and you say, ‘is that the same person in the picture?’

“I looked at that, actually, and it was a very minor doctoring.”

Ukraine invasion and October 7 attack in Israel “would never have taken place” if he remained president

In inflammatory remarks about ongoing conflicts, Trump said: “I can tell you one thing: he certainly wouldn’t have gone into Ukraine, no way.

“People say ‘well, how do you know that’, even Democrats say [Putin] wouldn’t have gone if I were president. You wouldn’t have Ukraine, you wouldn’t have had Israel… the attack on October 7 would never have taken place.”

He also appeared to double down on controversial comments about letting Russia do “whatever they want” to a Nato member country if they “don’t pay” their bills, telling Farage “if you’re not paying your bills, we’re not going to defend you”.

Harry and Meghan ‘broke Queen’s heart’

In further comments on the royals, the Republican said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “broke [the Queen’s] heart” when they moved to America and made a number of damaging comments about the royal family and life in the public eye.

He told Farage: “I think she was treated very disrespectfully by them … I would say - although she wouldn’t show It, because she was strong and smart – but I would imagine they broke her heart.

“The things that they were saying were so bad and so horrible, and she was in her 90s and hearing this stuff. I think they broke her heart; I think they really hurt her very bad.”

When the Reform UK honorary president mentioned Harry’s memoir Spare – in which he admits to past drug use – and asked what Trump would do if the duke was found to not have mentioned this on his US visa application, the former US president replied: “We’ll have to see. If they know something about the drugs and if he lied, I’ll have to take appropriate action.”

Pressed on whether this could mean deportation (the US requires applicants to disclose past drug use), Trump said: “You’ll have to tell me.”

He also claimed the late monarch “never made a mistake”, although her decision to hand Prince Andrew money from taxpayers, to help him pay his £12 million settlement with accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2022, was condemned by many members of the public at the time.

Biden’s bathing suit

While talking about the US border, Trump commented: “Biden likes going to the beach, you could see that, he’s always in a bathing suit. It doesn’t look good, but he thinks it does and some advisor does.

“He could have gone to the beach if he would have left my policies in order.”

It was one of many swipes at his Democrat rival in the hour-long interview, with Trump also branding Biden “the worst president in history” and “destructive and incompetent”.

It seems Trump may have forgotten about the violent insurrection on the US Capitol which happened on January 6, 2021, where many of his supporters stormed the building in protest over the 2020 election result being officially ratified by Congress.

Hannibal Lecter

In further criticism of president Biden’s immigration policy, Trump claimed his opponent’s administration “allowed 15 million” people into the country.

“They come from prisons, many of them. They come from mental institutions and insane asylums like Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter – I wonder if he’s one of them.”

He’s a fictional character, Donald.

“I’m an environmentalist”

During his comments on the monarchy, Trump referred to King Charles speaking up on the climate crisis, and claimed he was an “environmentalist” as well.

The politician – who once claimed “we shouldn’t be worried about global warming” – told Farage: “I’m an environmentalist, I feel, in a true sense, but I’m a different kind of environmentalist. I want to get things built, I want to get things done.”

“Truth [Social] is on fire”

Bigging up his own social media platform, Trump said the site is “doing great”.

A day after the interview aired, Truth Social has been hit with a major outage.

“They used Covid for reasons other than Covid”

We wish we could elaborate more on what Trump means here, but as he commented on his 2020 defeat, he claimed his opponents used the coronavirus pandemic for ‘other reasons’.

Expect more nonsense like this in the run-up to 5 November, with Biden and Trump both presumed to be the nominated candidates for their respective parties.

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