Trump Jr wants you to buy mugshot merch from him as he's sick of grifters

Trump Jr wants you to buy mugshot merch from him as he's sick of grifters
Donald Trump Jr responds to news of father's potential indictment

Donald Trump Jr has asked people to buy merch of his dad’s mugshot from him instead of people who are just “lining their own pockets”.

During his Triggered podcast on Monday, Trump Jr told listeners that he would rather the money go towards him to help “the cause”, rather than those trying to make a quick buck.

Although he doesn’t seem too opposed, saying he understands “other people have made [a] very good living doing the MAGA merch, even if”, and here comes the distinction, “none of the money actually goes towards the [Trump] campaign or the cause.”

Whilst he clarified that he doesn’t “feel right about profiting” from his dad’s arrest, he stressed that it was “important” to show support for his father. He also promised that he would give “all the profits” to his dad’s legal defence fund to “push back against some of the insanity, the miscarriage of justice.”

Over on Trump Jr’s website, you can purchase a range of mugshot merchandise. From t-shirts, mugs, koozies, posters, stickers and hoodies, all featuring the infamous photo.

He acknowledged that he is not going to be able to stop others from selling merchandise with the photo, saying “that’s the nature of capitalism.”

“But if you’re going to buy it, I figure this is a goof place to do it.”

MediasTouch editor Ron Filipkowski shared the video of Trump Jr’s justification for his selling of the merch:

And of course, people had lots of opinions to share:

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