Tucker Carlson weirdly refusing to say Kamala Harris' name properly - 2 years later

Tucker Carlson weirdly refusing to say Kamala Harris' name properly - 2 years later
'Whatever' Tucker Carlson refuses to pronounce Kamala Harris's name correctly

For years now Tucker Carlson has refused to say Vice President Kamala Harris' name properly.

Once again on Wednesday night's episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight the Fox News host spoke about the Vice President, calling her "Carmela" instead of Kamala.

Carlson, 53, went on a 13-minute rant about the Democratic party 'running out of gas' and listed notable Democrats who he believed no longer had energy or innovative ideas.

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"The Democratic Party at this point is a cartel that exists only to perpetuate itself and the elderly mediocrities who run and benefit from it." Carlson said. "All of them. Carmela Harris is only 57 years old she's a child by the standards of her party but she still talks like a dementia patient, slowly and incomprehensibly."

Carlson went on to refer to Harris as "Carmela" four different times throughout his segment.

Mispronouncing Harris' name is not a new mistake for Carlson. For the last two years Harris has served as vice president, Carlson has purposefully said Harris's name wrong on and off.

In 2020, a guest on Carlson's show scolded him for calling Harris by the wrong name, but Carlson responded with "whatever."

Carlson has also mispronounced the names of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Online, people criticized Carlson for mispronouncing the vice president's name.

"#TuckerCarlson This is how 10 year-olds show they're tough. But, when you're an adult, it's how you show you're a total ass." Mark wrote on Twitter.

"Tucker Carlson is apparently pretending to be unable to pronounce Kamala Harris's name again. I have trouble with Carlson's first name, too... I keep saying it as if it starts with an F," Alan tweeted.

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