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9 brilliant websites to waste your time on this Christmas Day

9 brilliant websites to waste your time on this Christmas Day

One of the best things about the internet is that you can be glued to it all day, every day, and still find remarkable stuff you've never seen before, frequently.

Luckily Reddit users have come together to make your life better.

They've listed some of the greatest websites out there for frittering your time away.

Here's a few examples:

1. ​

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’d be more suited to writing for the Daily Mail or the Financial Times, this website will tell you just that.

Hemmingway App lets you paste your writing, and it will highlight any errors.

But the real beauty of the site is that it will calculate what age is best suited to your writing.

Might not sound addictive, but extremely addictive.

This paragraph is Grade 8.


If you wanted to learn something new, edX lists courses going on in colleges and universities around the world.

Many of the courses are free, and they’re all online.


Some of the most pointless-sounding websites are the most addictive.

This website, for instance, tells you the names and job titles of those floating around in space, as well as how many days they’ve been there.


Private Note lets you write and send a note to someone, before it's automatically destroyed in front of their eyes.

Handy for if you really must send that passive aggressive work email, without the risk of it being forwarded onto HR.


This website teaches you a language for free.

You can choose from 22 languages, and the lessons include speaking, reading and listening exercises.


You know those times when you look in the fridge, see an old yoghurt, a half-eaten sandwich and enough milk to make a cup of tea strong enough to wake the dead, and you resign to hunger because it seems like the easier option than having to walk the two minutes to the shop?

Well, perish no longer.

This genius website lets you enter the ingredients you have in, and gives you recipes you can use.


Sitting on the phone while you alternate between creepy music and a line of different people who have no idea what you’re talking about does sound tempting.

But if you have an enquiry for customer services, it’s usually more tempting to keep quiet and stew in your anger instead.

This website lets you pay someone to call a company’s customer services on your behalf to solve whatever problem you have.


As the URL would suggest, this handy site lets you check if a website is down, or if your computer is simply playing up.


Simply because so many Reddit users recommended it, this is a game where you have to move your cursor around to find the cow.

Warning: as addictive as it sounds.

Merry Christmas!

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