A woman claims her Instagram account was suspended because of this cake picture

It's not every day you get to read about cake fails and sexist social media policies in one story.

While we all know that the moist baps and dough balls involved in the science of baking are a breeding ground for all sorts of innuendo, Instagram, a documented anti-fan of the female nipple, has really taken the biscuit this time.

Twitter user Fiona Mosely took to the platform to share that her mother's Instagram account has been disabled for a pretty dubious reason.

She'd uploaded a picture of a homemade Easter simnel cake made by Fiona's sister, traditionally decorated with marzipan to represent Jesus and the disciples.

But Instagram's community standards software kicked in and deleted the picture. Why?

Because it thinks it's a boob.

indy100 reached out to Fiona, who said that as a traditional Easter cake the family were pretty surprised the picture had been flagged as explicit.

It's a religious cake, so couldn't get any further from "sexually explicit content", and my Mum took a photo of it.

Then next thing we know her account has been deactivated for violating Instagram's terms!

The decision has been appealed, but Fiona says Instagram refuses to budge.

A picture of the cake from a different angle on sister Jenny's Instagram, however, was apparently fine:

So next time you're frosting meringue tips or forking the perfect biscuits, be aware: Instagram might not appreciate your culinary genius.

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