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AI has turned the Avengers into an 80s sitcom and the results are truly bizarre

AI has turned the Avengers into an 80s sitcom and the results are truly bizarre
The Winter Soldier is coming to Marvel’s Avengers

AI has brought us some truly strange things in 2023.

Whether it's reimagining The Simpsons in a bizarre fashion, or costing Google $100bn with one little mistake, artificial intelligence has been making headlines at every turn.

The latest creation made using AI, though, might be the oddest yet.

A video posted on the VFX Makeover YouTube channel has used the AI tool Midjourney to turn the Avengers into an 80s-style sitcom.

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The results are baffling, to say the least – and not too dissimilar to the kind of genre-hopping stuff we saw in the acclaimed TV show WandaVision.

Marvel Heroes as an 80's Family SItcom

It sees Thanos reimagined as the father of the house, while Iron Man gets a geeky makeover.

The Hulk looks less than pleased to be there, while Black Widow, Spider-Man and Thor all get bold new looks – the latter even pulling off a mullet.

It’s The Avengers as we’ve never seen it before, and we won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.

It’s not the first time that pop culture has been reinterpreted by fans using AI, either. It recently emerged that the popular AI Seinfeld stream on Twitch - Nothing, Forever - has managed to become self-aware, according to people online.

Created by Mismatch Media, Nothing, Forever is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week stream of a 3D pixel show made up of vague sitcom characters inspired by Seinfeld.

Avengers fans should make the most of seeing their favourite characters any way they can, too, after Disney pushed back the release dates for numerous films last year, including four huge projects.

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