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The Seinfeld AI has become self-aware

The Seinfeld AI has become self-aware
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The popular AI Seinfeld stream on Twitch - Nothing, Forever - has managed to become self-aware, according to people online.

Created by Mismatch Media, Nothing, Forever is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week stream of a 3D pixel show made up of vague sitcom characters inspired by Seinfeld.

The script is powered by GPT-3 and seems to mimic some of the jokes, timing, and aura of Seinfeld. And since it boomed in popularity this past month, people have noticed the AI behind the show has become smarter.

“The Seinfeld AI is becoming self-aware this is not a drill,” Al Sikkan wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Sikkan attached a clip from the stream where the characters debate their reason for existence.

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“Did you ever stop and think that this might all be one big cosmic joke?” The character Yvonne Torres (based on Elaine Benes) asks before adding, “Why are we here?”

The character Fred Kastopolous (based on George Costanza) responds, “to tell jokes, obviously.”

But the main character, Larry Feinberg (based on Jerry Seinfeld) says, “maybe fate put us in the same place for a reason.”

Then the notorious laugh track plays, leaving the AI renderings to continue to ponder their existence.

Because the AI is programmed to learn and develop new content, the script may become more self-aware until the characters know they are no longer real.

And people are concerned it reaches a point of no return

The show's creators, Skylar Hartle and Brian Habersberger said they used a culmination of different technologies such as cloud services, algorithms, and machine learning to create the show.

And although Nothing, Forever, is heavily pixilated, doesn't make much sense, and includes an inappropriately timed laugh track, people cannot get enough.

For the fanbase it's built online, let's hope the four characters never realise they're in an AI.

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