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New AI can tell whether your date will 'smash or pass'

New AI can tell whether your date will 'smash or pass'
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According to a study published in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing journal, engineers at the University of Cincinnati trained a computer using data from wearable technology and can now tell how a date went by measuring a person’s sweat, breathing patterns and heart rate.

Sixteen pairs of participants discussed things they could either strongly agree or disagree on before having four different conversations: a positive conversation where they discussed a topic they agreed on, a negative conversation where they discussed something they disagreed on and two conversations about an agreeable topic where each person took turns leading the discussion.

AI correctly identified these scenarios with a 75 per cent accuracy rate by measuring people's heart rate, respiration rate and perspiration rate.

Iman Chatterjee said humans evolve to share and collaborate, which can manifest in the subconscious.

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“It is certainly no coincidence. We only notice physiological synchrony when we measure it, but it probably creates a better level of coordination,” Chatterjee said.

“A modified version of our system could measure the level of interest a person is taking in the conversation, how compatible the two of you are and how engaged the other person is in the conversation,” he explained.

“Our next step is to see how much nuance we can separate,” said study co-author Vesna Novak, an associate professor of electrical engineering in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

“We’ve shown that AI has the ability to identify positive versus negative conversations, but can you separate shades of gray that humans wouldn’t discern?"

Pretty cool.

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