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An AI headshot generator is coming for photographer's jobs

HR managers using artificial intelligence for hiring and firing

For as long as artificial intelligence has been around, it has threatened the livelihood of artists.

Programs like ChatGPT can pen short stories, Midjourney can create illustrations, and one AI program can create extremely realistic headshots without ever taking a photo. is becoming a popular alternative for people seeking professional-looking headshots without wanting to go through the hassle of hiring a photographer.

For only $17, users can upload 10 images of themself to the website, which will generate 100 professional-looking headshots within 24 hours.

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Using the photos people submit, uses “a combination of the latest, cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies” and “a little bit of human touch” to create the headshots.

And while impressive, the results have been met with mixed reviews.

On TikTok, user kellybaums revealed the best and worst of her headshot results in two videos.

“The best $17 I spent this week was on AI headshots,” Kelly said in her video before revealing “useable” headshots from the website.


Still have a way to go in the eye department but ill take it. I look f a n c y 💁🏻‍♀️ #greenscreen #aiportrait #aiheadshot

Commenters were thoroughly impressed with the results, with some worried for photographers.

“As a photographer this worries me,” one person wrote.

“Photographers gonna be obsolete,” another person commented.

Some pointed out that offers a cheaper alternative to people paying hundreds of dollars to photographers.

“Not everyone can afford $300-$500 for 8 head shots. Professional photos are EXPENSIVE,” a commenter wrote.

Another person commented, “People upset that not everyone can afford $200-$600 for 8-15 headshots... This is accessible and great!”

However, the AI is not always perfect, as mentions, so sometimes the photos can come out warped.

Famously, some AI-generated photos can add extra fingers to hands, add teeth, or make eyes look wonky due to its limitations.

Kelly showed some of the not-so-perfect photos in a separate TikTok video.


The second one pls 😂😂😂 #aiportrait #aiheadshot #greenscreen indicated they offer a “premium package with 3 edits” to allow people to fix photos that come out “not perfect.”

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