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Man convinced he caught an alien in his bedroom in resurfaced footage

Man convinced he caught an alien in his bedroom in resurfaced footage
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An eerie figure was captured entering a man's bedroom – and he's convinced it was an alien.

Using a closed circuit camera mounted above his bed, David from Florida managed to get a recording of the mysterious "short, skinny humanoid."

The video shows the figure creeping into the doorway a little further, revealing what appears to be a long slender leg. The programme refers to the alarming sight as something commonly known as a "grey".

The resurfaced footage was brought to the attention of Sky History's The Proof is Out There viewers who were left feeling divided.

One believer suggested, "It's a friendly I wouldn't be afraid I'd ask questions! They are probably as curious about us as we are of them"."

Others took the opportunity to mock the quality of the 2006 clip, with one joking: "Ah yes - filmed w/a potato".

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Meanwhile, some were convinced the figure was a child.

"…and then the creature spoke… “Dad, I’m scared.” It was only his child," one said, while another reiterated: "Someone’s toddler is ready for breakfast… Dave better pour his little man some cereal, or he’ll skip the weird alien stage and go right to raging werewolf…."

You can watch the footage here:


One of history's many famous instances of "alien encounters" is the Betty and Barney Hill case.

In September 1961, the couple was driving on the road at night in New Hampshire when out of nowhere, a bright light in the sky appeared to follow them.

Once they got home, it was daylight, their clothes were soiled and ripped, and their watches stopped working.

But they couldn't remember how that happened.

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