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Aliens could be mapping out Earth thanks to our mobile phones

Aliens could be mapping out Earth thanks to our mobile phones
Is It Possible That Aliens Could Have Been Keeping Tabs on Earth …

Here’s something to think about the next time you open your phone – aliens could be mapping out the planet via the signals mobiles are emitting.

It’s all to do with the radio transmission towers which are key to millions of people communicating around the world.

These towers are constantly pumping out microwave signals as we call and message one another, and they’re found across a huge area of the Earth’s surface.

Hypothetically, if we consider for a second that aliens could exist out there somewhere, the signals being sent out into space by these towers would be very easy to intercept.

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Recent research published as part of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society ponders that very idea – considering whether or not aliens would be able to detect such signals.


As the research states, the nature of radio signals being sent into space have changed dramatically over the years. Whereas previously the majority of signals would have been radio and TV a few decades ago, the number of mobile communications not far outweigh those signals.

Cell tower signals are the second most powerful sources of radio signals being beamed into space after military radar transmissions, and theoretically alien civilisations could use them to monitor behaviour on Earth.

According to the researchers, if aliens had similar technology to humans then the signals would be detectable up to around 12 light-years away.

The sheer number of mobile communication signals being sent up would mean that the messages would be impossible to interpret, but they could be used to monitor population distribution.

So, if aliens do indeed exist we don’t have to worry about them reading your Whatsapp messages – but they could theoretically be gathering information about the human race from afar according to the research.

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