Android phone update lets you know when apps are listening to you

Android phone users are now able to know when they’re being spied on thanks to a new system update.

Google’s feature was added to the Android 12 update and the company is warning users that if they see an icon in the corner of their screen, they are being watched or listened to.

If a camera or microphone icon appears in green, or there’s a green dot in the corner of your screen, it means an application is currently accessing that on your phone.

It is thought the new update, which is similar to a feature available on Apple products, will stop users from being secretly monitored without them knowing.

Not only that, but users can access a record of which apps have access to their phone’s microphone, camera and location, available in the privacy dashboard under the device settings.

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The update also gives users the choice to completely disable the microphone and camera in their settings.

But, it’s also worth noting that there are genuine reasons why an app may need to access your camera or microphone.

The icon showing up doesn’t necessarily mean that something suspicious is taking place, as some applications, like Instagram or Snapchat, need to have access to function fully.

However, if it’s an application that seems unfamiliar or shouldn’t require access, users can withdraw permission in their settings.

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