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Astronomers discover giant 'super fluffy candy floss' planet

Astronomers discover giant 'super fluffy candy floss' planet
Astronomers Discover an Enormous Planet Made of Something as Light as Cotton …
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Scientists are uncovering all sorts of mysterious and unprecedented discoveries in outer space recently. First, we had the glowing planet completely covered in volcanoes, and now we have eyes on a planet made up of ‘super fluffy candy floss’.

The planet in question is known as WASP-193b, and its low density makes it a pretty unique proposition.

As a study published in Nature Astronomy states, it’s made up of hydrogen and helium and it’s "basically super fluffy.

It’s even stranger to comprehend such a ‘fluffy’ planet, given its size. WASP-193b is 50 per cent bigger than Jupiter – which, as you can imagine, is massive in astronomical terms.

Getting our heads around the lightness of something so massive is hard to do – and some experts believe that the planet could float on water.

Researchers state that more study is required before certainties can be established, at least party because of how far away from our planet WASP-193b is located.

It's found outside of our solar system WASP-193b, around 1,200 light years away.

Speaking about the discovery, lead author Khalid Barkaoui of the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) said that "the planet is basically super fluffy" because it's comprised mostly from light gases rather than solids.

It comes as experts have discovered a new planet which is completely covered in active volcanoes, which make the planet appear glowing red, which could possibly be melting from within itself.

The exoplanet is named TOI-6713.01 and its discovery was documented in a study published in The Astronomical Journal.

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