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A baby girl was born healthy - but with a 'rare' tail

A baby girl was born healthy - but with a 'rare' tail
Baby born with 'rare' foot-long tail gets his 'ball and chain' removed

A baby girl in northeastern Mexico was born perfectly healthy.

However, there was something quite unique about her - she had a very “rare” 2-inch-long tail that was covered in “fine hair.”

According to a report published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, doctors were surprised as tails in humans “is extremely infrequent.”

The newborn was born via cesarean section at a rural hospital to “healthy parents in their late 20s.”

When she received her first examination, doctors discovered the “tail-like structure,” which was around 5.7-centimeters long and was covered with hair.

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It was also said that the baby cried when the tail was pierced with a needle.

Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports

In another X-ray conducted on the baby, there was no indication of anomalies or bone structures in the tail.

The structure was benign and only had fat and tissue, which is rare as only 40 cases have been documented.

Fortunately, although the infant had a tail, she was completely healthy.

Two months later, medical personnel reexamined the baby and found that her growth and weight were on target for her age. At that point as well, the baby’s tail grew by 0.8 cm.

After deeming the tail free of skin lesions, surgeons decided to snip it and reconstruct the area with a Limberg plasty, which is an operation that transplants tissue from a patient’s own posterior.

The surgery ended up being successful, and the baby was discharged from the hospital with no complaints.

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