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What is Battle of the Boyne and how do you delete it from your iPhone calendar

What is Battle of the Boyne and how do you delete it from your iPhone calendar
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It's that time of year when Apple takes over calendars across the UK and cancels any plans on 12 July – all because of one particular anniversary: Battle of the Boyne.

While Apple's auto-fill feature can be handy for any forgotten bank holidays, some simply don't apply. England and Wales have eight public holidays. Northern Ireland is lucky enough to have an extra two to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and commemorate the Battle of the Boyne anniversary.

Hilariously, everybody appears to be in the same boat – and so, turned to Twitter:

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So, what is Battle of the Boyne?

The Battle of the Boyne was a turning point in the Williamite War in Ireland between King William III (William of Orange), a Dutch protestant and the Catholic King James II in July 1690.

It was the last time two kings of England had fought against each other and was one of the biggest conflicts of its time.

William defeated James, who fled to France and never returned. While the war continued until October 1691, the Battle of the Boyne ensured continued Protestant ascendancy in Ireland.

For the past 200 years, 12 July has been the official holiday in Northern Ireland to remember the Battle of the Boyne. It is remembered on the 12th as this was the day James’ army was destroyed.

How to delete it from your iPhone calendar?

People in Northern Ireland have the day off as it holds incredible significance. But for the rest of the UK, the only reminder is a calendar notification greeted with confusion.

These simple steps will remove the note from your calendar if it doesn't apply to you:

1. Select the Calendar app

2. Click on Calendars at the bottom of the screen

3. Scroll down to UK Holidays

4. To unsubscribe, untick the box

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