Lance Perkins' son accidentally spent nearly $8,000 (more than £5,000) on his credit card while playing Fifa.

The 17-year-old used the card to make in-game purchases in the football game.

He had access to his father's account in case he needed to buy emergency provisions for the family's store in Pembroke, Canada.

He thought he was making a one-off payment, but instead racked up a bill for $7,625.88 on a make-believe world of video game football.

"It floored me," Perkins told CBC. He added that his son is "just as sick as I am."

Perkins contacted his credit card company but was told that unless he wants to have his son charged with fraud there's nothing that can be done.

Xbox, meanwhile, said it would look into the situation after hearing that Perkins' son is a minor. But Xbox hasn't yet responded with any details.

Youngsters totting up huge bills on video games is nothing new. It happens a lot - many games feature some way for people to buy extra levels, features, or players.

Kanye West has this to say on the matter:

Perkins, meanwhile, has vowed:

There will never be another Xbox system — or any gaming system — in my home.

Fair enough.

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