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Brexiteer James Dyson is moving his company to Singapore and everyone is making the same point


If you needed proof of just how well Brexit it going then may we suggest looking no further than this week's business news about the technology pioneers Dyson.

The company, best known for the bagless vacuum cleaners, announced that they would be upping sticks and moving their headquarters from Malmesbury, Wiltshire, to Singapore in Asia.

Back in 2016, and after the EU referendum, the company's founder, Sir James Dyson, was a keen supporter of Brexit as he believed that it opened up trading opportunities with the rest of the world.

However, less than two years later, he is moving his headquarters to the other side of the world (work and jobs in Wiltshire will not be affected by the move) but, according to chief executive Jim Rowan, it's not because of Brexit.

It’s about making sure we are future-proofed. There are huge revenue opportunities in Singapore, China is the poster child of that.

The tax difference is negligible for us, we are taxed all over the world and we will continue to pay tax in the UK.

We will continue to invest in the UK, in Malmesbury, in Bristol and London.

Yet the hypocrisy of the situation has resulted in Dyson being well and truly dragged on Twitter and people are determined to not let the billionaire inventor forget what he said.

The jokes are predictably unforgiving.

Even Andrew Neil, of all people, wasn't holding back.

Tory MP and People's Vote advocate, Sam Gyimah, wasn't impressed either.

Still, who needs a Dyson when you've got a Henry Hoover around?

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